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The feminist strike house gathering has newly decided on the spatial policy, as we want to create a safer space and emancipatory place for the feminist and queer strike movement.

The house is now open for FLINT* only all-day from March 8th (women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans-, gender questioning people – the asterisk refers to the construction of gender categories and the consideration of all forms of identity and ways of life).

Exceptions: accessible to all gender every Wednesday and every 1st Sunday of the month all-day. This new spatial rule will be discussed again in late June/early July. Thursday has been set as a strictly FLINT* day – in any case without cis-males (e.g. if childcare is needed, then it will be organised by FLINT* structures). On other days cis-males can enter the house for a short time in case of deliveries or similar. This is done in agreement with contact persons from the house. Cis-males who want to contribute in solidarity can contact the support structure:

The Awareness house group has also compiled information on the topic of cis-guys in the feminist context, which will be available on the website soon. Check out critical masculinity and inform yourselves – as we do considering feminist/queer practices.

This rule applies to all those who use the house and are active in it, whether for meetings, spontaneous meetings or events.

A feminist house? What for?

Over the past year, the feminist movement has gained incredible momentum – largely in preparation for the feminist strike on the 14th of June. Countless groups have sprouted from the ground and have tirelessly organized numerous cultural events, discussions, exhibitions and actions.

After the 14th of June, the Zurich Strike Collective has continued to work for a feminist change in society. Our strike and our concerns were present throughout the city and we want to continue to be a movement that remains visible and accessible.

That’s why we applied for the Quartierhaus in district 5 and were awarded the contract – the Zurich strike movement will now be running an entire community center. Under this roof various feminist structures can connect and new political projects can emerge. The house is to be an empowering and solidary project, which will be shaped by all the groups and individuals involved.

The house is big enough to give a lot of space to new projects. A library, an art studio, a band room, dance and movement activities and much more are being developed – all with clear feminist aspirations.

Support your local feminist community center! The feminist strike house at Sihlquai 115 is supposed to be one of the few non-commercial places in the city. We do not want to function according to a profit logic. Since we still cannot fully escape capitalism, we are dependent on donations. What do we do with your donation?

  • with 20 francs you guarantee us toilet paper for one month
  • with 80 francs, we can afford 3 buckets of paint to paint the walls.
  • with 200 francs you pay a contribution to the rent

We’re grateful for all contributions, regardless of the amount.

Deposit details:

IBAN:CH38 0839 0036 6678 1000 9            
Verein Feministisches Streikhaus
Sihlquai 115
8005 Zürich

Thank you very much for your solidarity! Towards a feminist future!