Feministisches Streikhaus

The feminist strike house is a room of Women*, Trans*, Inter*, Genderqueer* People (the asterisk refers to the construction of gender categories and the consideration of all forms of identity and ways of life) for non-commercial, feminist, queer and antiracist groups, events and other forms of political activism. The house sustains itself thorugh a lot of free work, by many different people. It’s not used by any form of commercial offers or services.

As a safer space and emancipatory place for the feminist and queer movement is the house usually accesible for WTIQ*, exceptions you can find further down.

Exceptions: accessible to all gender every Wednesday and every 1st Sunday of the month all-day. This new spatial rule will be discussed again in late June/early July. Thursday has been set as a strictly FLINT* day – in any case without cis-males (e.g. if childcare is needed, then it will be organised by FLINT* structures). On other days cis-males can enter the house for a short time in case of deliveries or similar. This is done in agreement with contact persons from the house. Cis-males who want to contribute in solidarity can contact the support structure: 14.juni-unterstuetzen-zh@immerda.ch

This rule applies to all those who use the house and are active in it, whether for meetings, spontaneous meetings or events. The rooms can be booked thorugh the booking tool. Informationen for using the house, and solidary givings to finance the house you can find on the same side as the booking tool. For bigger events you can find the concept for usage here. Also have a look at the guide to open and close the door.

For further questions you can contact the house collective via mail (info@streikhaus.ch), come to the strike Kafi (every friday from 15:00-19:00) or come to the next house meeting.