What about people barred from moving around freely?

Pregnant in asylum procedure

What does the situation for families and pregnant people in asylum centres or in deportation prison look like?

Also in Switzerland, pregnant people in asylum centres are not well cared for.

People stuck in the asylum procedure often are forced to live in a very crowed space. Many are psychologically traumatized und suffer, at the same time, from uncertainty about the outcome of their asylum procedure.


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Why the „March for Life“ is an attack on our freedom


Why are we feminists fighting for the right to abortion?

WTIQ’s self-determination about their own bodies is a main concern for feminists. That’s why we defend ourselves against heteronormativity and any form of domination. We decide if and when we have children! The disempowering prohibition of abortions, however, forces us to have children regardless of whether we want or can.


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