Our house is being shaped by a lot of people. This happens in the form of so-called working groups (WGs). There is WGs for admin things, which concern the house, there are WGs which entertain certain rooms and there are project WGs.

On this page you can find a list of the WGs that already exist. In addition, there are also WGs which are formed for organizing a party or other projects and close again. If you are interested in a WG, just write us an email and we’ll connect you! But perhaps you might also have a new idea?

We’re still working on uploading the full descriptions for all WGs…


  • Money and Jabber:The WG Money and Jabber takes care of the finances of the strike house and the communicates to the public – from the website to fundraising and media work to account management and budget issues. There is a lot to do – the more we are, the merrier! If you want to join us, please contact us at info@streikhaus.ch or come to the house office on a Friday between 15.00 and 19.00.
  • Inventory:We handle the furnishing and equipment of the feminist community center, so that it is ready for all sorts of feminist action as soon as possible!
  • Internal communication:We try to make the communication within our collective as clearly arranged and transparent as possible. We organize where our data is stored, on which channels we communicate, how we respectfully shape our communication and how we can stay accessible to all interested parties as a house collective.
  • Cleaning and maintenance:We organize what is very necessary and very unpopular: the cleaning. We try to ensure that everyone can contribute to the tidiness of the house with a small contribution. We also make sure that potential malfunctions are fixed, that the fire extinguishers are operational and that the cleaning supplies are always stocked. If you have a brilliant idea for the cleaning plan, a high sense of responsibility for tasks that have to be done, or if you know your way around heating systems and pipes and mend things well, you’ve come to the right place!
  • Room coordination: The Room Coordination WG handles the room booking tool, answers room enquiries and acts as an intermediary between the house collective and external groups for external enquiries.
  • Admin: Admin WG deals with legal and organisational documents such as house rules, rental agreements, etc.
  • Accessibility: We try to make the feminist strike house as accessible as possible. Because the strike house should be open to all feminists. Unfortunately, this is not at all easy with our house, because it has many «barriers». As a first project we try to install an elevating platform to make the first floor accessible to wheelchair users. But there is a lot more to do – e.g. for people who hear or see little or not at all. We are very happy about support in our working group! barrierefreiheit@streikhaus.ch


  • Bandroom: We organize the bandroom in the basement, coordinate bands using the room and start new feminist musical projects. bandraum@streikhaus.ch
  • Library: The anarchafeminist library on the ground floor should be a space for exchange, networking and discussion. Books and zines on topics such as queerfeminism, gentrification and anarchism can be borrowed or read here. There will also be an information shop where people can come to get information about feminist projects, actions, demos and much more! The library is a place where people can get involved and is always open for new interested people (all people with all genders welcome). Do you have suggestions or a lot of awesome books lying around? Get in touch! bibliothek@streikhaus.ch
  • Movement Room: The movement space is relatively small, but beautiful. Equipped with a mirror wall and a music system, it offers space for various forms of physical expression. It’s a place where you can rediscover your body – through dance, theatre, martial arts, mindfulness training, yoga, etc. – without any inhibitions or constraints. We the have joined forces because we want to dance without being judged for our dance style, without competing with other dancers. We want to offer a platform for people who do not trust themselves in other places to use their body as a means of expression. As different as we are, as different are our ideas: We want to offer flamenco lessons for beginners, start a self-organized (impro-)theater group, set up an open bGirl* training to encourage and consolidate the Cypher & Improvisation culture, Latin American folk dances, contemporary improvisation dance training, etc. Come to our Movement Room group if you want to take part in one of the courses, have further ideas for offers and/or want to take care of the organisation and maintenance of the Movement Room. bewegungsraum@streikhaus.ch
  • Atelier: In the AG Atelier we deal with any kind of creative practice and media: From the design of transpis and flyers to the visual communication and design of the strike house (internal and external) to skill sharing, organizing art exhibitions and workshops, etc.
    The studio is located in the attic of the building and is open to everyone at all times. The larger of the two rooms can be used for workshops of any kind ( with or without explicitly creative content), while the smaller room is intended for stationary, undisturbed creative work.
    A lot is possible and we are looking forward to new inputs, new faces and new helping hands! atelier@streikhaus.ch
  • Free Shop: Every of us has a few items at home that we never actually wear. In our free shop we offer clothes of all kinds that you bring to us. The AG Gratisladen takes care of sorting in the newly brought clothes and running the shop. You take what you need – and next time bring what you no longer need at home! The shop is open at all times and is located on the 2nd floor.
    Please don’t burst into consumerism and always leave the shop tidy.


  • Hero*ine bar: The WG Hero*ine bar wants to host and offer FLINT*people a space where cosy get-togethers and moving discussions can take place, in a pleasant atmosphere.
    We plan and organise the regular Hero*ine bar and sometimes also take over the bar operation at other events in the house.
    Counter, harass and lemons are just as much a part of our commitment as ordering drinks, washing up and musical decoration. We look forward to additional supporters*! heldinnenbar@streikhaus.ch
  • Events: The WG Events plans regular discussion evenings and strike brunches in the feminist strike house. We take up current topics and take time and space for questions of content as part of intersectional queer/feminist political practice and networking. The list of active feminists* we would like to invite is endless – you can look forward to film evenings, lectures, concerts, workshops, bar/café, discussions and moments that encourage and move us!
    PS: Of course we hope that other active groups and interested people will also use the house to organize events!