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Feministisches Streikhaus

Why a feminist house?

Over the past year, the feminist movement – especially in preparation for the June 14 feminist strike – has gained incredible momentum. Countless groups have sprung from the ground and have tirelessly organized numerous cultural events, discussions, exhibitions and actions.

Even after 14 June, the Zurich collective will continue to work for a feminist change in society. Our strike and our concerns were present throughout the city and we want to continue to be a movement that remains visible and accessible.

That’s why we applied for the Quartierhaus in district 5 and were awarded the contract – the Zurich strike movement will now maintain an entire house under whose roof various committed feminist structures can network and new political projects can emerge. The house is to be an empowering and solidary project, which will be co-designed by all interested parties.

The house is big enough to give a lot of space to new projects. Concepts for a library, series of events, a band room, dance and movement offers and much more are being worked out – all with a clear feminist claim.

Our house is designed by many people. We have organized ourselves in working groups (WGs) and have regular large house meetings. You can always find the house meetings in our agenda and the minutes under the corresponding menu item.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us at any time at
turn to us.

If you would rather come by without obligation, then visit us in the strike house! Every Friday from 15:00 – 19:00 o’clock our office is open, there you can ask questions, look at the house and network!